Security Lighting

Lighting is an effective deterrent to intruders. Also, when used in conjunction with colour CCTV, it will enable you to use daytime colour video even at night or in dark areas.

We offer a range of high quality lighting products by GJD Manufacturing; these include their Clarius LED lights plus passive infrared sensor (PIR) detection and combined lighting. The bright white light emitted is especially useful for lighting dark areas for CCTV use.

Use areas include domestic and commercial including illuminating driveways, gardens, entrances, forecourts and other outside areas.

Security lighting is an effective way of protecting your property outside, especially when used in conjunction with other forms of security. It is, in any case, always advisable to have in place more than one security device. Well-lit areas of a property reduce the chances of a break-in occurring, the would-be intruders will lose the advantage of darkness hiding their activities.

We usually recommend a motion detection sensor for the lighting and now always supply LED, which offers pure bright white light output with very low energy consumption.


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