eCommerce Guide

Thank you for using the GenieCloud CMS System. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email Thank you!

  1. Logging In
  2. Your Admin Panel
  3. Products
  4. Categories
  5. Reports
  6. Information Pages

1. Logging In

1) Open your web browser and navigate to:
(replace YOURDOMAIN with your actual domain name).

2) Your username will be admin and your password sent in your welcome email.

3) Once you have entered your details, please click 'Submit'.

2. Your Admin Panel

1) Your admin panel is the headquarters for your website, everything here controls what is seen on your website, so be sure to understand what everything means, if you're unsure please contact us :

2) Main Menu

This is the main menu, from here you can access every part of your site and control how the site appears and functions. The main sections here are Catalog and Sales.

3. Products

1) We have already setup a handful of products for you, but if you require more, then you can add these quite easily by navigating to "Catalog > Products > Insert"

This will take you to a new page where You can add information about the products.

2) The main items needed are, Product name and description, a product code, a price, and a picture.

3)The "tabs" along the top are there to provide you with detailed information about your products, fill in as much as you can, this will help your site in many ways, and give you the ability to manage your products easier.

4) Your main product image is located in "Data > Image" if you require more than 1 image, you can add additional images under the "Images" tab.

5) To add your product to a category, navigate to "Data > Category", this section is called an "autocomplete form", you simply start to type the name of the category, and you can select from a list that appears. This will add the product to which ever category you desire. For example, if you have a category labelled "T-Shirts" you would start typing the word "t-shirts" the category would then appear, and simply click the word to assign the product to the category.

4. Categories

1) You can split up your products to make them easily accessible to customers. By adding categories you easily allow your customers to shop for what they want.

2) To add a new category, for instance, "T-Shirts" you will need to navigate to "Catalog > Categories", from here, select the "Insert" button from the top right.

3) Fill out the information required, Categtory name and description.

4) From the "Data" tab you can add a category image which will display on the main site, or in the menu should that option be enabled within the design. Be sure to select "Top" (the checkbox) from the data tab to make the category display on the main menu bar, if you do not wish this category to appear on the top menu, please leave that option unchecked.

5. Reports

1) The system is specifically designed to be admin and customer friendly, you can get reports of all recent transactions, yearly transactions, and product tracking to see which items are selling more than others.

2) To access the reports, navigate to "Reports", from you have multiple options.

3) The reports section is split into 4 sections, Sales, Products, Customers and Affiliates. Affiliates will be redundant unless you use an affiliate section, if you do, and require more information please contact us.

4) For reports on sales, please navigate to "Reports > Sales > Orders", this will show you all recent sales, what was brought and who made the purchase.

5) For reports on products, please navigate to "Reports > Sales > Products", again, this section will give you detailed information about which items are being viewed and sold the most.

6. Information Pages

1) In order to maintain, update and add any information pages, you will need to navigate to "Catalog > Information". From here you will see a list of pages.

2) To edit a page, simple click the "Edit" button next to the page you wish to make alterations to. From this new page, you will see the content. Edit as you see fit using the interface on screen, once complete, click "Save" from the top right.

3) To add a new page, navigate to "Catalog > Information", from here, you can click the "Insert" button, top right to add a page. Give the page a title and some information, you can also add links and images at this point.

4) Once you have added your content, selec the "Data" tab from the top, this is additional information and options, most of which will not be used. The important part here is to select the tick box labelled "Bottom". This will add the new page to the menu system. Once done, click "Save" from the top right.

Common Problems

Q. Why cant i change the font?
A. The fonts are set globally throughout the site using CSS styles. To alter fonts please contact us and we can make some adjustments, fonts are matched for the site through style and design.

Q. Why are my images stretched?
A. Your images are more than likely to be the wrong size for where you are putting them, most slideshows or home page sliders are 940pixels wide and 350pixels high, if you are unsure please contact us.

Q. I cannot login.
A. Please refer to the email you got confirming your site is live and your password, if this still doesnt work, please contact us.

GenieCloud Team